Junmai KAGURA “Midnight Blue” Unfiltered, undiluted, Unpasteurized

*The photo may differ from the current product.

A signature sake full of refreshing fruit aroma and rich umami

This is a Junmai sake with a robust rice taste but it is also aromatic with a distinctive fruit forward punch on your first sip. The "Iwai" sake rice that we employ melts easily in the mash so the taste expression changes from time to time. As the sake is unfiltered, some rice components may remain in the bottle. It is unpasteurized, so you will also sense the lively yeast notes. Please enjoy this carefully prepared Junmai sake.

Contains only rice and rice koji
Alcohol: 15%-17%
Rice: Iwai
Polishing rate: 65%
Yeast: Matsui original
Serving temperature: chilled◎ room◎ warm○
Keep refrigerated