Junmai KAGURA “Clear” Unfiltered, undiluted, Unpasteurized

*The photo may differ from the current product.

A Junmai sake made with "Kyo no Koi" yeast

This sake uses the newly created Kyoto yeast "Kyo no Koi". As we brew it with Kyoto’s famous “Iwai” sake rice, it is truly an “All Kyoto” product. We used a four-stage preparation and ultra-low temperature fermentation that best suits this yeast. The result is a firm taste with the sweetness of rice unique to an unpasteurized sake. Its clear aroma and refreshing taste notes are in harmony.

* The taste may differ depending on the year brewed.
* Inventory is limited and the product may not be available for significant lengths of time

Contains only rice and rice koji
Alcohol: 13%
Rice: Iwai
Polishing rate: 65%
Yeast: kyo no koi
Serving temperature: chilled◎ room◎ warm○
Keep refrigerated