Junmai Daiginjo KAGURA “South Wind” Unfiltered, undiluted, Unpasteurized

*The photo may differ from the current product.

A balance of profound and refreshing flavors

Summer limited edition (available June - August)
I imagine a scene in which I drink something refreshing on a hot summer day. However, "refreshing" is often not enough for a body that is likely to feel the impact of the intense summer heat. Thus, if you do not balance refreshing with umami richness, your summer meal will not satisfy you. “Omachi”, a sake rice, produces a robust, umami-forward taste but finishes smoothly and refreshingly on the palate.
As the sake is unfiltered, some rice components may remain in the bottle. It is also unpasteurized so you will also sense the lively yeast notes.

Contains only rice and rice koji
Alcohol: 17%
Rice: seasonal
Polishing rate: seasonal
Yeast: seasonal
Serving temperature: chilled◎ room◎ warm○
Keep refrigerated