*The photo may differ from the current product.

Japan’s rising sun amid a vigorous fermentation highlight the Kagura barrel’s design

Kagura's limited edition "Gohyakumangoku” Junmai Daiginjo sake polished to 50% is packed into a mini-barrel of Kagura with its unique design. As it is a limited production item, we recommend it as a gift.

Contents: 300ml
Dimensions: 18.5cm (Height) 18cm (Diameter)

* Although it has been pasteurized, it is not filtered, so refrigeration is recommended for long-term storage.

Junmai daiginjo
Contains only rice and rice koji
Alcohol: 17%
Rice: Gohyakumangoku
Polishing rate: 50%
Yeast: Matsui original
Serving temperature: chilled◎ room◎ warm○
Keep in a cool dark place